Feudal Alloy – A Silly Metroidvania Of Fish-Controlled Medieval Robots

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Feudal Alloy puts players in control of a goldfish, which is in turn in control of a farmer-turned-warrior robot, piloting both on a journey to defeat some bandits that burned down their home.


Feudal Alloy will have players combing through an interconnected world, collecting hidden items and useful weapons and gear as they strike down the bandits that attacked their home. The player isn’t unique in their fishy pilot, though, with all manner of foes also being fish who are piloting various war machines. Players will need to keep their tanks intact as they attack foes in melee combat, taking care to fight defensively lest they take a spinning sawblade to the bowl.

Not every fish the player meets will mean them harm, though. Players can meet other characters, communicating with them through various thought bubbles as they work their way through the game’s hand-drawn world.


Feudal Alloy is slated for release in Q3 of this year, according to its Steam page.

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