FFVII Ever Crisis Cait Sith Trailer Calls to Mind the Original Game
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FFVII Ever Crisis Cait Sith Trailer Calls to Mind the Original Game

Square Enix and Applibot are continuing its rollout of introductory materials for Cait Sith in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, and the latest trailer draws inspiration from the original FFVII. It shows how he meets and forces his way into the party.

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The video begins with the line, “I’m comin’ with you, no matter what you say!” This is a reference to the way the character joins in the original Final Fantasy VII. The joining is handled a bit differently in the FFVII Rebirth remake. After that, we see Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, and Red XIII meet Cait Sith in the Gold Saucer arcade. After establishing his role as a fortune-telling machine, we see him and the party running from Dio at the amusement park. In the segment after that, we get to watch the Dice Limit Break in action during a fight in the Corel Prison area.

Here’s the full FFVII Ever Crisis Cait Sith trailer.

Initially, Square Enix’s April Fools’ Day joke for 2024 was that Reeve Tuesti would be playable in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. However, shortly after the company confirmed it would be Cait Sith who would join the roster on April 3, 2024 worldwide and April 4, 2024 in Japan. It showed off how he’d look in-game and confirmed there will be a weapon banner with equipment for both him and Tifa.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available for the PC and mobile devices. 

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