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FFVII Remake Seventh Heaven Cocktails Detailed for Coming of Age Day

January 9, 2023 is “Coming of Age Day” in Japan, and the official Final Fantasy VII Remake account dropped some trivia about Seventh Heaven to celebrate. In FFVII and its Remake, Seventh Heaven is the establishment run by heroine Tifa Lockheart. It’s a secret base for Barret’s Avalanche cell, but also an operating bar and eatery. There she serves a variety of drinks, including a few FFVII cocktails, which the account identified, helping to fill out the growing menu of Midgar.

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According to the post, two of the more popular FFVII cocktails that “invigorate the Sector Seven Slums” are the “Cosmo Canyon,” the green-colored “Lifestream,” and one named after the bar itself, the “Seventh Heaven.” The post also goes on to encourage the young people celebrating Coming of Age Day to have their first drink in the slums responsibly.

In Japan, Coming of Age Day celebrates turning 20 years old. From 1876 until 2022, the official age of adulthood in Japan was 20, and was the age when people could legally drink, smoke, bet on various public gambling pastimes, and enroll in the National Pension Plan, among other rights. In April 2022, the Japanese government adjusted the age of maturity for certain rights (such as marriage without parental consent, obtaining a credit card or cellphone contract without parental consent, and petitioning for gender reassignment) to 18 years old. However, the drinking age remains at 20.

Final Fantasy VII Remake contains various scenes of Cloud Strife and other characters having a drink or two, including one of Cloud’s first interactions with Tifa at the beginning of the game. Tifa even serves Cloud an FFVII cocktail, the red-colored Cosmo Canyon in Chapter 3. In that scene she calls it the house special. Cloud is 21 years old, and Tifa 20, placing them both above the drinking age, though it is unknown if Midgar’s age of maturity is the same as Japan’s.

FFVII Remake is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Its sequel, FFVII Rebirth, is in development. You can also try the non-alcoholic Banora White Juice from Crisis Core.

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