FFVII Remake Yuffie Limited Plush Doll Wears Her Moogle Hood

FFVII Remake Yuffie Doll Plush

During the Square Enix TGS 2021 merchandise stream, the company showed off a new FFVII Remake plush doll of Yuffie. While standard versions of Yuffie and Sephiroth already appeared as part of the line, this new model is wearing her Moogle hood “disguise” from the INTERmission DLC> Pre-orders are already open in the North American storefront. Like other characters in the line, she will be $44.99. She will ship out in April 2022.

This limited version of Yuffie is pretty much identical to the standard FFVII Remake plush, extra hoodie aside. If you lift up the cloak, as they did during the home shopping network-like presentation, you can still see her gloves and guard on. While the hood doesn’t seem to be able to be worn on her head, you can see the Moogle head and pom pom if you turn her around.

Here’s a closer look at the limited Yuffie.

To compare, this is the standard Yuffie plush.
FFVII Remake Yuffie Plush

This line of FFVII plush dolls kicked off with Avalanche. Square Enix revealed Aerith, Barret, Cloud, and Tifa designs back in March 2021. Those are expected to ship out in October 2021. As for Sephiroth, he will ship in April 2022 like Yuffie.

The Yuffie FFVII Remake plush doll will ship in April 2022.

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