FFVII The First Soldier FPS and Balance Patch Coming

FFVII The First Soldier FPS and Balance Patch Coming

More FFVII The First Soldier updates are on the way, with a balance patch imminent on December 17, 2021. However, that’s not the only adjustment. A new message from Ateam and Square Enix went over other planned changes. For example, there will be fixes regarding character movement speed and FPS in FFVII The First Soldier as well.

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First, here are the FFVII The First Soldier balance patch changes.


  • Base stats reduced (ATK and HP)
  • Actions that require stamina will consume more stamina to perform
  • Damage to monsters reduced
  • Wing flapping sounds when jumping will be added as a visual prompt on the screen

Chocobo traits

  • Powernap: Cooldown time extended

Sniper rifles
Executioner Gamma:

  • Base damage reduced
  • Headshot damage reduced
  • Damage can no longer pierce through to downed HP bar

Mark 5 Sniper Rifle:

  • Base damage reduced
  • Headshot damage reduced
  • Damage can no longer pierce through to downed HP bar
  • Rate of fire increased


  • Eclipse Eater, Model S-7: Base damage increased


  • Blizzard: Ice crystal durability increased
  • Thunder: User and user’s teammates cannot be damaged by its lightning bolts
  • Bio: Poison gas emitted when the bio ball lands can now penetrate walls
  • Blind: MP consumption reduced to 1 and cooldown time increased
  • Aero: Effect longevity reduced, and cooldown time now shortens as level increases
  • Fire will not undergo any changes in this update but may be updated in the future based on how it is used.


  • Bomb: Counterfire and Fire damage reduced
  • Cutter: Chainsaw Shot damage reduced
  • Cerulean Drake: Max HP reduced, and Icy Aura is removed when it drops to the ground after taking a certain amount of damage


  • Downed HP gauge of teammates will no longer decrease while reviving them


  • Sensitivity when initiating a wall climb increased

As for the planned updates, both the FFVII The First Soldier FPS and character movement speed are priorities. The goal with FPS is to offer a 60FPS option. Right now, only low, medium, and high are there. As for speed, the idea will be to speed up after you use a weapon without any additional moves or inputs. Glitch Field, matching logic, and monster defeat logic improvements are coming too. There will also be a December 2021 survey to ask players what they want adjusted or fixed.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is out on Android and Apple iOS devices, and a livestream will be held in January 2022.

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