FFVII The First Soldier Hits Its First Download Milestone

FFVII The First Soldier Hits Its First Download Milestone Wallpaper

FFVII The First Soldier hit its first download milestone within 24 hours of launch. Square Enix and Ateam revealed it passed one million downloads. As a result, the company is doling out some free in-game items to players. People can also download eight FFVII The First Soldier wallpapers for mobile devices and the PC.

You get two kinds of items as a reward for hitting that FFVII The First Soldier download hallmark. The first is a Chocobo Feed Set. Two of these are doled out to everyone. These can be fed to a Chocobo you own to bolster it. The other item is a Shinra Pack Ticket. You get three of these. Each one can be opened in the Shop for items. These will give you things like character and Chocobo customization items and weapon skins. For example, when I opened one, I got a Red XIII Tattoo for an avatar’s face, a Black and White Type B Assault Rifle skin, and a Navy Bridle for a Chocobo.

First, here are all of the PC wallpapers inspired by FFVII The First Soldier. One of them showcases the Rufus Shinra and other Shinra costumes in the game’s first season pass.

There are also four mobile wallpapers for phones or tablets.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Fixed virtual joystick and gyroscope features are on the way for it.

Jenni Lada
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