FFVII The First Soldier Holiday Event Announced

FFVII The First Soldier Christmas Holiday Event Announced

It will begin to look a lot like Christmas in FFVII The First Soldier, as a holiday event is going to begin on December 8, 2021. This will include opportunities to earn themed cosmetic, acquire festive skins for avatars, equipment, and vehicles, and see cosmetic changes in the UI and at certain locations.

Some of the FFVII The First Soldier holiday event activities will involve limited-time challenges and special missions. The Limited-time challenges’ rewards will include things like a car skin, a Happy Holidays Moogle sticker, Santa-themed hats, a player banner, and other items. The Special Missions will involve getting ornaments to decorate designated trees on the map. As you explore, you can see Seventh Heaven decorated for the season. There will be snow at Sector 5 Undercity and Hazard Zone too. When you do, you’ll get a holiday gift box. Your home screen can be decorated with the item from those boxes.

As for the other skins, a few were shown off. There are two FFVII The First Soldier avatar outfits with Christmas themes to them. There are also Cactaur and Moogle mascot suits that are holiday-themed. A Chocobo skin will make it look like a reindeer. You can also change the appearance of the Shinra helicopter. Weapon skins will appear too.

Here’s a video showing off the holiday season in-game. It shows the holiday boxes you’ll find and trees you’ll decorate in the field as well. Things end with the Cactaur in the hub.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The FFVII The First Soldier holiday event will run December 8-28, 2021.

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