FFVII The First Soldier Survey Mentions PC and Console Ports

FFVII The First Soldier Survey Mentions PC and Console Ports

The first FFVII The First Soldier survey is out, and it brings up the possibility of PC and console versions of the game again. At the very end, it asks people what they might want in the future. Ports are among the options. Prior to that, it asks the sorts of questions folks might expect. Also, everyone who fills it out will get two Shinra Pack Tickets for cosmetic items. If over 7,777 fill it out, everyone gets an additional Shinra Pack Ticket.

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Here’s how it works. First, the FFVII The First Soldier survey asks for your player ID, so you can be sent the two Shinra Pack Tickets for participating. Then, it asks for typical details about your background. It asks for someone’s age and gender and their familiarity with the Final Fantasy series. After that, it asks how someone started playing this game, about battle royale experience, and which platforms people play games on.

Once the basics are out of the way, it asks specific questions about FFVII The First Soldier. Questions go over how satisfied people are with the game. It asks what people’s issues are when playing, to help seek out bugs or things to fix. It also asks season pass questions, to find out if people are buying it and how it could be better.

As it draws to a close, it asks for insights into things to change. For example, it asks what kinds of skins people would want. In addition to asking if people want FFVII-themed ones or casual/serious styles, it brings up skins from other Final Fantasy entries.

The final question is, “Which of these do you want most from FF7FS?” Here are the options available. Among them is the console or PC port request.

  • Overall improvements to controls.
  • More skin designs.
  • More weapons, materia, and styles.
  • More balance adjustments.
  • More game modes, more maps.
  • More communication with other players.
  • A PC/console version of the game.
  • Collaboration events with other titles.
  • Nothing in particular.
  • Other.

As a reminder, when Siliconera interviewed Producer Shoichi Ichikawa about FFVII The First Soldier, PC and console ports came up.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The first FFVII The First Soldier survey is available to be filled out until December 26, 2021.

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