FFXI Master Levels Debut in November 2021 Update

FFXI Master Levels Debut in November 2021 Update

The November 2021 update for FFXI is live and, in addition to continuing The Voracious Resurgence story, it adds Master Levels. With Master Levels, people who already hit level 99 in a job will be able to get a Master Breaker and become even stronger. You can also search by Master Level and that will be available in Level Sync. In addition to both the new quests and job addition, Mandragora Mania will appear, A Challenge from Lion is back, and Ambuscade offers new enemies.

The FFXI Master Levels will be a way to increase your support job level cap and stat caps. In the case of attributes and skill caps, that increase applies to both the player and their pet. The support level goes up every five master levels. The otehr stats go up every master level. Using Master Level Sync might be necessary if you are looking for Exemplar Points. If you are facing a target at level 98, you won’t get Exemplar Points. If you face level synched targets that are set for Master Levels and there is someone in the group who is below level 99, the resulting level synch will not be Master Level and not award Exemplar Points.

To start earning Master Levels in FFXI, you must be a level 99 job master. If you are, the Ru’Lude Gardens Nomad Moogle will give you a Master Breaker. You can then start improving yourself. Getting the Master Breaker will also let you search by Master Level.

As for The Voracious Resurgence, FFXI players need to head to Reisenjima. If they are all caught up with the story so far, Reikuu will be there. Also, Ambuscade fights now include lizards and Iron Giants. There are new hallmarks rewards there.

The other events are fairly easy to take part in, provided you’e at the right levels or places. The Mandragora Assistant is in many different spots, like Mog Gardens or Ru’Lude Gardens. If you talk to them, you can take part in Mandragora Mania. Playing the minigame nets you Jingly. Which you can then put to rewards. The A Challenge from Lion provides opportunities to earn a Norgish Dagger, Infiltrator, and Esikuva.

Final Fantasy XI is available for the PC. The November 2021 FFXI update is live now. The November login campaign is also active.

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