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FFXIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 Includes Clown Costumes, Pumpkins

FFXIV All Saints Wake'

It seems that “better late than never” is the motto of the Continental Circus. All Saints’ Wake, the FFXIV Halloween event, is kicking off in January 2022. Lately the event has suffered from bad luck. It was skipped over in 2020. Then it was pushed out of 2021 by the delay of Endwalker. Now it is back and gunning for a January 20, 2022 opening.

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All Saints’ Wake has been a FFXIV Halloween seasonal event since before Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s launch in 2013. The event ran yearly from 2011 until 2019 before skipping two years in a row. It typically featured Halloween-themed items, mounts, equipment, and furnishings. All Saints’ Wake 2022, which has a subtitle of “Death and Dining at the Phantoms’ Feast”, will kick off in Gridania. Its opening quest “All Clowns’ Wake” is available to characters level 15 and up.

Clown Set FFXIV All Saints' Wake 2022

Players will be able to earn a full new set of glamour equipment from the event, the Clown Set. Compatible with male and female characters, the Clown Set consists of a hat with a rubber clown nose, as well as a top, bottoms, a pair of gloves, and boots. Additionally, another item called Modern Cosmetics – Clowning Around will unlock a face paint pattern for use at the aesthetician. The Haunted Pumpkin Set and Pumpkin Flower Vase form the home decoration offerings for All Saints’ Wake 2022. Some items from previous runs of the event can be obtained via a vendor NPC.

Final Fantasy XIV is playable on the PS4, PS5, and PC. The FFXIV All Saints’ Wake 2022 event begins on January 20, 2022 and continues through February 2, 2022.

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