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FFXIV Ceruleum Balloons Mount Lets You Fly While Holding a Bunch of Balloons

FFXIV Ceruleum Balloons Mount Let You Fly While Holding Colorful Balloons

Square Enix added new optional items to the FFXIV Mog Station Online Store, and among them is the new Ceruleum Balloons mount. This resembles a bunch of balloons carrying a character across the sky. It joined alongside two new Valentione’s Day items, as well as a sale on past items celebrating the FFXIV Valentine’s Day event.

The Ceruleum Balloons FFXIV mount is an account-wide item all of your characters can use. It costs $24. The character using it looks like they are holding the bunch of colorful balloons, which feature mascots like Chocobos, Moogles, and Cactaurs on them, as it floats through the sky.

This is what the bunch of balloons mount looks like from the front and back.

Here’s a video showing what it looks like when player avatars from different races use the FFXIV Ceruleum Balloons Mount. It highlights the balloons’ animations.

The two new Valentione’s Day FFXIV items dress up your home and Chocobo. There’s a $5 Authentic Valentione Mobile with multicolor hearts to mount on a wall in a house. There’s also $7 Postmoogle Barding that makes a Chocobo look like a mail carrier.

As for the sales, an array of clothing and furniture items are reduced. People can get a $2.10 Lovely Moogle Cap or $3.50 Deluxe Stuffed Kupka Kupp for their home. (The stuffed animal also resembles the lamp recreated in the real world.) People can also get various Valentione Attire outfits for the Dote emote for lower than usual prices.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. The Valentine’s Day Valentione’s Day will run in FFXIV until February 15, 2023.

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