FFXIV Crossover Returns to FFXI

FFXIV Crossover Returns to FFXI

Square Enix announced the FFXIV crossover event is coming back to FFXI. Starting on March 22, 2022, the spriggan will return. Which means that when they do, cosmetic items will be back if you catch them.

Here’s how the FFXIV crossover event works in FFXI. You first have to talk to a Moogle so you can start to catch the spriggans. They’re in Port Bastok at K-7, Southern San d’Oria at G-9, and Windurst Waters at F-9. Then, you need to go to the other Moogles in North Gustaberg at L-8, West Ronfaure at I-6, and West Sarutabaruta at J-8. Once you’ve done that, you can fight and catch the Vana’dielian wildlands’ invaders.

When you fight spriggans, you get chartreuse, mauve, and vermillion stone shards. These can be used in a lottery to get cosmetic items. Each stone has different odds at getting the best prizes. If you get the booby prize or third prize, that also increases your odds of getting better prizes.

Here are all the items people can get in the lottery for their shards.

  • Green Spriggan Club(third prize reward)
  • Green Spriggan Coat(third prize reward)
  • Green Spriggan Lolly (booby prize reward)
  • Purple Spriggan Club (second prize reward)
  • Purple Spriggan Coat (first prize reward)
  • Purple Spriggan Lolly (booby prize reward)
  • Red Spriggan Club(second prize reward)
  • Red Spriggan Coat (first prize reward)
  • Red Spriggan Lolly (booby prize reward)
  • Spriggan Spark (booby prize reward)

FFXIV Crossover Returns to FFXI

In the meantime, there are other new activities available in FFXI. The March 2022 update is live. The Treant Ambuscade fight is now available.

Final Fantasy XI is available on PCs. Final Fantasy XIV is available on the PS4, PS5, and PC. The FFXIV crossover event will appear in em>FFXI between March 22, 2022 and April 11, 2022.

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