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FFXIV Dad of Light Author Maidy’s Memorial Video Published

Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light Maidy

Japanese Final Fantasy XIV players from the free company Giovinezza published a memorial video for the player behind Maidy. Maidy was a member of the FC and the author of Dad of Light, who died of colorectal cancer on December 6, 2020. [Thanks, 4Gamer.]

Dad of Light was a real-life story written by the late player and told how he could reconnect with his previously-distant father by inviting the latter to play Final Fantasy XIV. After Square Enix noticed the story, it was made into a novel, as well as live-action drama and movie adaptations. Maidy’s player is survived by his father.

The memorial video contained mostly messages from players who interacted with Maidy in the online games. However, it also had messages from directors and celebrities involved in the live-action adaptations. The latter included Yoshino Nanjo, the voice actress of Maidy’s FFXIV avatar in the Dad of Light drama and movie, and Teru, the vocalist of rock band Glay, whose song “The Other End of the Globe” was featured as the TV drama’s theme song.

The video also included the message written by Final Fantasy XIV Director Naoki Yoshida, who remembered the late player as a fellow Gundam fan. A message from Maidy’s father was featured near the end:

I hereby thank you all for holding a memorial project for my Maidy.

A month has already passed since his death, but a hole still opens inside my chest.

Thank you for the numerous messages received from everyone until the very last moment of his life. I still remember when Maidy was sleeping in peace after listening to the read messages. I feel like he was delighted with messages from his other family.

In his short life, he continued saying “to share values through online.” I want to live my best without ever forgetting this concept.

Even so, if it were possible, I want to resurrect him…

Thank you.

Final Fantasy XIV is an online RPG immediately available on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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