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FFXIV Designer Ayumi Namae Talked About Designing Zero


Japanese website Gamer recently interviewed Designer Ayumi Namae, the FFXIV artist in charge of Zero’s design. Namae said that the main concept for the NPC’s design was to create an androgynous character. Zero’s gender was undetermined during the early design stages, and thus the development team wanted to create a “genderless” character. The interview also included new concept art for the character. [Thanks, Gamer!]

Here is a look at the FFXIV character’s concept art.

Namae also said that the FFXIV scenario team wanted Zero to look like a beautiful young man with masculine facial features. Because of Zero being a Voidsent, coming from a world of darkness, Namae said she tried to give Zero a characteristic decadent beauty, and was pleased to see players’ reaction to Zero, regarding her androgynous design.

Another design goal was for Zero to look mysterious, which is the angle behind her tricorn hat. FFXIV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida asked for Zero’s design to include a hat and to distinguish it from other hats and equipment that players could use. Namae also designed Zero’s earcuff and earrings to pair with it. This also helped Zero look distinct from other Reapers and Voidsent. As for Zero’s face and hairstyle, Yoshida and the FFXIV scenario team picked them.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available on the PS4, PS5, and PC. Square Enix recently released Death Unto Dawn: FFXIV Original Soundtrack on select streaming services.

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