FFXIV Ishgard Empyreum Housing District and Lottery System Explained

FFXIV Ishgard Empyreum Housing District and Lottery System Explained

During Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXVII, the housing situation came up. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida brought up details about where people can expect to live. He also mentioned how you can get a spot. The FFXIV housing update will add Empyreum in Ishgard and lottery system to get a spot there.

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We’ve known since May 2021 that FFXIV Ishgard housing is on the way, though we didn’t know it’d be called Empyreum until now. It will be inspired by Coerthas’s Firmament. It is part of the “Ishgardian Restoration” to restore the destroyed space. People will get their first look at it when patch 6.0 comes. They can then buy in 6.01.

After revealing Empyreum, Yoshida talked about the new land purchase system. Once 6.0 comes, you can’t relocate to land that isn’t ready yet, for one. Then, when 6.1 arrives, other changes will come. That’s when FC Master and permission to let FC members buy land will be gone. Land won’t be devalued after that patch either. It is also when the lottery system for private plots will come up.

The FFXIV housing lottery will have certain restrictions to make things fair. You have to have a job at level 50, be a Grand Company Second Lieutenant or higher, and not already own a plot in that world on that account. If you do already own a plot, you will have to relocate to the new plot and give up your old one.

All FFXIV housing lotteries for places like Ishgard will have two steps. One will involve investigating plots, seeing how many other people are enterting to buy them, and entering the lottery. You can only register for one spot at a time. Then, Square Enix will pick the people who “won” the chance to buy it. They then have to claim their spot and, if they had a previous plot, relinquish it. All money for the plot has to be paid when you enter the lottery. The people who don’t win get all of their money back. You do have to reclaim your money, though. There is an unspecified “limited” amount of time to do so. The person who won gets the spot. Again, there’s a “limited” amount of time to claim it. If you don’t, you only get half of the money you paid for the spot back.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. FFXIV Endwalker will show up on December 7, 2021. While people can tour the Ishgard Empyreum housing district when FFXIV 6.0 drops, they can’t buy land there until the 6.1 update on December 21, 2021.

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