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FFXIV Japanese and European Data Center Expansion Details Shared

FFXIV Japanese and European Data Center Expansion Details Confirmed

The FFXIV Japanese and European data center expansion details are here. Square Enix announced both will take place in patch 6.18 following the July 5, 2022 maintenance. It then went over what can expect from moves to the new FFXIV Meteor logical data center in Japan or new European worlds Alpha, Raiden, Phantom, and Sagittarius.

First, there will be the typical two-week grace period for FFXIV Home World Transfers following the Japanese data center expansion and European data center expansion. As usual, the service will temporarily be down due to maintenance and to ensure it is working. Once it is back, people have two weeks to make a move for free.

People on the Japanese data center with residences will get bonuses for going to a new world. If they owned an apartment, they’ll get 500,000 gil for their old place and 500,000 gil for furnishings they can’t remove and take with them. Those with an estate get 100% of its cost and 3,000,000 gil for any furnishings that would have to be left behind. Just don’t vacate or relinquish before you move. Square Enix said in the FFXIV Chaos and Light data center new worlds, housing will temporarily be unavailable.

There are also some new world bonuses connected to the FFXIV European data center expansion. Existing characters can move for free, will get double EXP for 90 days, get 10 gold chocobo feathers, and will get gil for moving from their apartment and estate. People who make new characters will get double EXP and 10 silver chocobo feathers right away. If you reach level 30 in a class, you also get 15 days of free play time and 1,000,000 gil.

As for the FFXIV Japanese data center expansion regrouping, details about what happens to Deep Dungeons, Fellowships, Linkshells, and PVP teams came up. People’s Deep Dungeons save data won’t transfer. Fellowships will transfer with masters, but members not moving will be removed. Linkshells will transfer, with a new one being created with the same members. Finally for PVP teams, it will transfer over and be created, but members who aren’t on that data center will be removed.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. FFXIV patch 6.18 will bring with it the Japanese data center expansion with Meteor as a logical data center and European data center expansion with Alpha and Raiden on Light and Phantom and Sagittarius on Chaos. Data center travel will also come in 6.18.

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