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FFXIV Online Store Selling Educand’s Attire School Uniforms

Educand's Attire arrives at the FFXIV Online Store School Uniform

A new school-themed glamour outfit hit the Final Fantasy XIV online store. It’s the Educand’s Attire, which looks like a traditional Japanese school uniform, and comes in two different sets in FFXIV for $18 each. Also, a new batch of items related to the Hatching-tide event is also available in-store.

The first set is the Educand’s Attire (Slacks), which comes with the Educand’s Cap, Educand’s Jacket, Educand’s Slacks, and Educand’s Shoes. It should be noted that the cap will not appear if a Hrothgar or a Viera character equips it.

Here is the Educand’s Attire (Slacks) as donned by Elezen, Roedadyn, Lalafell, and Au Ra models in FFXIV.

Meanwhile, Educand’s Attire (Skirt) is a FFXIV school uniform composed of Educand’s Sailor Top, Educand’s Sailor Skirt, and Educand’s Loafers. This one has subtle details, like the top having a maroon scarf and the skirt coming with dark leggings underneath.

Check out below how Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell, and Viera models look wearing Educand’s Attire (Skirt) in FFXIV.

Both outfits can be customized by dyeing each part, and the academy emblem can be replaced with the crest of your own company. Additionally, they can be worn by any race and they aren’t gender-locked.

Interestingly, these new outfits are reminiscent of the Academy of Darkness uniform worn by characters in the Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Academy manga. Notably, in a similar fashion, the collegiate attire outfits previously released also bore a resemblance to the uniform worn by the Academy of Light students in the same manga.

In addition, with the release of these new outfits came a new batch of Hatching-tide items to the FFXIV Online Store. Here is the full list:

  • Authentic Egg Barding – $7
  • Authentic Eggsemplary Basket – $5
  • Authentic Hatching-tide Mobile – $5
  • Authentic Paramour Barding – $7
  • Emote: Eat Egg – $2
  • Minion: Hatching Bunny – $5

Final Fantasy XIV (and its new Educand’s Attire school uniform outfits) are available worldwide on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. The game’s Hatching-tide event runs until April 10, 2023.

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