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FFXIV Reaper and Sage Weapon Design Contest Opened

FFXIV Reaper Sage Weapon

Square Enix left out the Reaper and Sage, Final Fantasy XIV‘s newest jobs, from its 2021 weapon design contest due to the timing of Endwalker‘s release. The company’s correcting that oversight, now that it’s launched the FFXIV Reaper and Sage Weapon Design Contest. The announcement went out over Twitter, with details in a blog post on the Lodestone community site.

According to the details page, the FFXIV Reaper and Sage Weapon Design Contest follows the same structure as previous contests. Square Enix is inviting participants from the United States, Canada, and 126 other countries to submit visual concepts for a weapon design. The contest limits weapons to those used by the Sage and Reaper jobs, since they were excluded from the previous contest. The development team will then select winning designs to appear in Final Fantasy XIV. Winners and runners-up will receive various prizes, including exclusive and premium cosmetics.

The FFXIV Reaper and Sage Weapon Design Contest runs from May 12, 2022 through June 12, 2022. The team will select winners in late December 2022 and notify them in January 2023.

Participating entries need to use a template provided by the team, which is downloadable from the page. Participants can use any digital or analog illustration or painting methods for their entry. That said, all submissions need to be in .jpg or .png format, be under 3 MB in size, and 1920×1080 or larger.

One twist for the Reaper and Sage Weapon Design Contest, though, is that the Sage weapon actually has three different templates. This is because Sage weapons in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker have three different visual archetypes. They can come in the form of Wings, Pendulums or Milpreves. The three differ mainly in how they animate when drawn or sheathed by a player. Wings extend off the player’s shoulders, Pendulums stack in vertical rows on the player’s back, and Milpreves assemble into a quadrant or cruciform whole.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. The weapon design contest runs until June 12, 2022. Reaper and Sage tools can be found at Icy Veins.

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