FFXIV Trust System Update

FFXIV Trust System Update Coming After Patch 6.1

Square Enix is planning to update the FFXIV Trust system in patches after 6.1. The update will add Trust compatibility to all main scenario dungeons and four-player trials. Furthermore, other low-level dungeons and trails will also get improvements at a later date. 8-player dungeons, however, will not get updated until after 7.0.

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The update is part of Square Enix’s ongoing mission to make FFXIV more appealing to solo players. The Trust system allows players to take on dungeons and trials using NPCs rather than other players, removing the need to queue up. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida announced the news during the recent FFXIV Letter from the Producer Livestream.

The improvements will begin with patch 6.1, which will make A Realm Reborn scenario duties trust compatible. Various improvements will be made throughout the patches between 6.1 and 6.5. Standard duty queues will be unaffected. Yoshida stated that while the team would also like to add Trust compatibility to 8-person dungeons, they are unable to do so within the those patches due to scheduling and budget reasons.

In addition, Yoshida commented that players may wish to bring certain NPCs into some key scenario battles. One example given was the Nidhogg battle, in which players might want for Estinien as a Trust NPC. Yoshida stated that the team will modify some key scenarios and cutscenes in order to justify these NPCs joining the fight. However, these changes won’t be applied to every dungeon.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available to play on the PC, PS4, and PS5. The FFXIV Trust system update will begin with patch 6.1, with further improvements releasing in 7.0 and beyond.

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