FFXVI Chocobo, Moogle, and Returning Monsters Details Revealed

FFXVI Chocobo, Moogle, and Returning Monsters Details Revealed

Creative Director Kazutoyo Maehiro didn’t just discuss Final Fantasy XVI summons in a new IGN interview. Other kinds of characters came up. Specifically, Maehiro mentioned how the noble Chocobo, familiar Moogle, and returning monsters will factor into FFXVI. While “overly comical” creatures won’t appear, ones that do make sense will appear. [Thanks, IGN!]

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Earlier in the interview, Director Hiroshi Takai brought up how this is a more serious and mature entry. Maehiro emphasized that when discussing FFXVI versions of the Chocobo, Moogle, and other monsters as well. The goal will be to create a world filled with characters that make sense. The Cactaur wasn’t mentioned as a returning creature. However, both Bombs and Morbols were.

Here’s the full quote from Maehiro from the IGN interview.

Chocobos and Moogles will appear in Final Fantasy XVI. They each have their own role, responsible for certain features and parts of the game. There are lots of other common elements as well, including monsters like Bombs and Morbols, and some terminology. Having said that, the world of Final Fantasy XVI is quite serious in tone, so we’ve not gone out of our way to include anything overly comical or things that don’t fit clearly into an ecosystem. This doesn’t relate to the gameplay experience, but we’ve also included a fair number of homages to past Square Enix games in names, etc. These are just like easter eggs – if you know, it’ll make you smile. If you’re the kind of player who likes finding these things, I hope you’ll try and discover the various little nods!

Final Fantasy XVI will appear on the PlayStation 5 in Summer 2023.

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