FGO Lostbelt 6.5 Will Launch in Early June 2022

fgo lostbelt 6.5 constantine

During the Chaldea Live Stream on May 11, 2022, Lasengle announced when we can expect to see FGO (Fate/Grand Order) Lostbelt 6.5. It will launch in early June 2022, with Constantine appearing as the banner Servant. The Japanese title for Lostbelt 6.5 can be translated as “A Certain Illusion’s Life and Death: Traum.”

In history, Constantine XI was the last emperor of the Byzantine Empire. In addition to Constantine, Lasengle released a picture that shows silhouettes of Servants who will appear in Lostbelt 6.5. It seems that six new characters will also show up in the story, though it is unclear just how many will be playable when the new story chapter launches.

In addition to the new Servants, players will be able to obtain a free SR of their choice. You will need to exchange a ticket for the Servant, and you will not be able to choose limited ones.

Due to the fact that Tunguska Sanctuary covered events after Lostbelt 6, some people refer to it as Lostbelt 6.5. While the event, which ran for a limited time in December 2021, did act as a continuation of the main story, Traum will be the true continuation of Lostbelt 6. It is unclear when or if Lasengle will re-run Tunguska Sanctuary.

FGO is available on iOS and Android devices, and Lostbelt 6.5 will launch in early June 2022 in the Japanese server.

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