FictionSphere Is A Mega Man X-Esque Platformer And Brawler Combination

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Indie studio Team Einherjar has gone live with their Kickstarter project for FictionSphere, a 2D platformer and brawler hybrid with various other elements included as well.


Here’s the story according to the game’s Kickstarter page:

In the distant future, a new plague known as the Phanteria has become widespread. Transforming living beings into morbid abominations known as Phantasms, leaving only destruction in their wake.

The renowned city of Faeble, a scientific forefront, created the Apostoloid robots as a counter-measure to the Phantasm plague. Their main functions are to fight against Phantasms and seek out Excels. Excels are humans who can manifest and manage supernatural granted to them by infection; to aid in the fight and rebuild the shambles of humanity.

However, there are unfortunate souls who wander the vast remnants of a forgotten world. Many who can’t manage their powers or those on the verge of turning into Phantasms are left to their own devices. As a result, these humans conglomerate on small settlements across the globe, constantly migrating; never truly knowing what tomorrow may hold.


One of FictionSphere’s focuses is its combat, which is dynamic and features an upgrade system to vary it up as well. There is also platforming and exploration with wall jumping mechanics, as well as Wild Guns-esque gallery shooting sections.


Check out the trailer below:


The Kickstarter is open for the next month, and aims to gather $20,000 USD for the funding of the game. You can find the Kickstarter page here.


FictionSphere will enter development for PC if the Kickstarter succeeds. Stretch goals include language options, a Switch port, PS4 + Xbox One port, and more.

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