Fidel Dungeon Rescue Is A Puzzling, Puppy-Filled Labyrinth Romp


    Fidel Dungeon Rescue, a ‘puzzle-crawler’ according to its developers, has players controlling a brave dog on the lookout for his missing grandma, searching through dungeons filled with ghosts, snakes, zombies, spiky traps, and other dangerous mechanisms that a dog shouldn’t be playing with.


    It is up to the player to find the best route through all of the traps and hazards throughout each screen of the dungeon. The dog hero moves in single tile steps, automatically attacking monsters, triggering buttons and levers, and picking up health and treasure they move on top of. As they clobber monsters and get treasures, they will steadily grow in levels and strength, able to deal with larger threats as they progress.

    Players will have a handful of concerns while doing so. For starters, players can’t have the dog tangle up their leash, so they will have to choose a route that won’t have them doubling back over themselves. Also, the dog will take damage from monsters and traps as well, so they will have to find health pickups as they creep across each stage. Should they screw things up too badly, though, players can always rewind their last few moves to plan another route.


    Fidel Dungeon Rescue is designed for quick, yet cute, puzzling play, and is available now on Steam.

    Alistair Wong
    Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!

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