Anima, the menacing Final Fantasy X aeon that hits enemy with Pain, appears in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy as a regular enemy. I fought Anima in the new Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy demo while the Man with the Machine Gun from Final Fantasy VIII played in the background.


The new demo also had a field song where Minwu strolled to Sunleth Waterscape. Field scenes have players tap red notes and trace green lines with the stylus. While you can stray off the wavy green line a little bit, there are specific notes you need to hit to keep your combo going. Battle scenes have summons as special events. On the field, you can summon a Chocobo if you tap all of the notes in the event zone. Snow was waiting at the end with a treasure chest and jumped for joy when Cecil reached the goal. Why Cecil? Each time you make a mistake your character trips and changes to another party member.




From the two downloadable demos we have a partial song list for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy VI

Decisive Battle (Battle)

Terra’s Theme (Field)

Celes’ Theme (Event)


Final Fantasy VIII

Man with the Machine Gun (Battle)

Blue Fields (Field)

Waltz for the Moon (Event)


Final Fantasy XIII

Blade’s Edge (Battle)

Sunleth Waterscape (Field)

Defilers of Fate (Event)

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