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Fight Against Ghosts Of Yourself When Extreme Exorcism Comes To PS3, PS4


Golden Ruby Games is releasing its supernatural 2D action-platformer Extreme Exorcism for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on September 23rd.


It has you playing as a medium called Mae Barrons who fights ghosts with kung fu and shotguns. Usually, ghosts are immaterial and wouldn’t be affected by such weapons, but in Extreme Exorcism they are.


It should be easy, then – how can a ghost stand up against a rocket launch, for crying out loud? Well, here’s the thing, these ghosts are tricky buggers. After you clear the screen once, a ghost will replicate your past moves perfectly, meaning you have to dodge all the bullets and rockets you fired before.


This means that you want to complete each screen by using as little ammo as possible in order to make it easier for your future self. The challenge here is to survive for as long as you can. And you can play Extreme Exorcism with up to four players, each of you having to dodge each other’s past projectiles. Madness.

Chris Priestman