Fight Aggressive Guardians When 360-Degree Shmup Kromaia Ω Arrives On PS4

You explore worlds protected by giant god-like guardians, filled with ancient temple ruins, littered with puzzles to solve, and treasures to collect.
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Rising Star Games has teamed up with Spanish team Kraken Empire to release a physical boxed edition and digital edition of the stylized 360-degree shmup Kromaia Ω  for PlayStation 4 this fall.


The original version of the game, Kromaia, came out for PC last year. This PS4 version, despite the Omega in the title, seems to be the same.


It has you exploring worlds protected by giant god-like guardians, filled with ancient temple ruins, and littered with puzzles to solve and treasures to collect. You have freedom to fly and shoot in your ship with a full 360-degree, free-roaming third-person view.


The worlds are destructible, the guardians have emergent AI so will vary in their behaviour as you battle them, and there are several different Armors (the ships) to try out each with their own attributes and abilities.


Kromaia Ω also has three game modes (Story, Score Attack, and Pure Mode), four difficulty levels, online leaderboards, and two player local co-op (one person pilots the ship while the other controls the weapons).

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