Fight Broke Out at Ensemble Stars Element Advance Screening

ensemble stars fight

A fist fight broke out during an advance showing of Ensemble Stars Tsuioku Selection Element. The reason behind the fight is unknown, though some spectators suggested it had to do with doutan kyohi. Not only did the fighters use their fists, but they also pulled each others’ hair and threw items like other fans’ binoculars. [Thanks, Matomebu!]

There are no pictures or videos of the incident. However, many people who went to the Ensemble Stars Tsuioku Selection Element showing reported what happened via Twitter. Some Twitter users guessed that the fight started after one of them told the other not to cross their legs. Others stated that it was because they were doutan kyohi over Rei Sakuma. Doutan kyohi is a Japanese fandom term in which fans of a character dislike others who also love that same character.

This act of public misdemeanor caught the attention of the voice actors on stage. Several Twitter users noted that Toshiki Masuda (Rei Sakuma) started staring in the direction of the fight. Hikaru Midorikawa (Eichi Tenshouin) also acted unnaturally, such as suddenly raising his voice.

Ensemble Stars Tsuioku Selection Element will debut on YouTube on April 6, 2023. It will adapt the “Element” story from the “Reminiscence*Gathering of the Three Magicians” event. Ensemble Stars is available on mobile devices.

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