Fight Through Corrupted Memories With ARPG Shadows Of Her Past

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Action RPG Shadows of Her Past will have players flinging tornados, lightning, icy blasts and more as they fight their way through a series of corrupted memories to save a once-beloved queen.


Queen Hermielle has been hidden away and betrayed, sealed beneath the town of Kempe with all of her subjects believing she is dead. Her only companion in this place is her dreams, and one day, a figure in her dreams promises her a chance at freedom, should she decide to take it. To escape, though, she’ll have to fight through her own corrupted memories, battling monsters and her conscience over the decisions she made.

Players will be given a suite of elemental spells to deal with the monsters and bosses they come across, able to fire off tornadoes, lightning, and other ranged magical attacks. Players will also be able to teleport around to avoid foes that are creeping just a little too close, or position themselves a little better. Using their choice of spells, players will be able to find a method that works best for them as they try to free Hermielle from her cursed past.


Shadows of Her Past is currently in beta testing.

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