Fight And Dig Across Dangerous Sky Islands In Skytorn With A Shovel

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Shovel Knight isn’t the only one who can whack down enemies armed with only a shovel. It turns out that the main character in Skytorn can too.


Skytorn has been in development for PC for the past year, but at PlayStation Experience it was announced for PlayStation 4 also, meaning it’s about time you got familiar with it.


It’s set many years after a cataclysm that torn the Earth apart and drove all humans into the skies in order to survive. They exist on airships and by exploring the sky islands that now exist.


You play as Névoa, an explorer who risks her life on uncharted sky islands, all of which are procedurally generated inside the game world.  You’ll explore dungeons full of dangerous creatures in attempt to find the old technology left behind by ancient civilizations.


To reach them, you’ll need to dig down deep with your shovel. Speaking of which, you’ll find enchantments for your shovel, such as the one that electrifies enemies, and another that creates ground where you swing it. It’s said that it’s best to prepare yourself with these kinds of weapons before heading too far down.


“Our goal is to make a platform adventure game that is focused very heavily on combat, control, and exploration. We want the world to feel alive and dangerous, and let the player traverse it in interesting ways,” writes designer Noel Berry.


The “we” that Berry refers to includes Matt Thorson of TowerFall Ascension, Alec Holowka of Night In The Woods, as well as artists Amora B. and Pedro Medeiros who also worked on TowerFall Ascension. Together, they’re all contributing to Skytorn as musicians, programmers, designers, and artists.


You can find out more about Skytorn on its official website.

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