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Fight Eggplant Fencers And Rolling Meat Buns In Holy Sorcery Story



Just in case you were wondering what kind of monsters would try to stop you from creating legendary curry in Compile Heart’s Holy Sorcery Story, how about super gutsy tofu mobs and cute yet strong meat bun monsters?


Here’s a look at some more monsters that will be get between you and the ingredients you need to collect in dungeons.


Mijinko Devil


This little devil likes to lurk around food for some reason. It is the weakest kind of monster and doesn’t have any special features.




A giant fish with human arms and legs. Its special ability to suck away items with a vacuum could be quite troublesome.



Juicy Eggplant 


This prideful rapier wielding eggplant monster can do multiple hits per attack. It can also do critical attacks, which makes this eggplant way more fearsome than the ones in Kid Icarus.




Nemurinekomata is a taiko cat who is apparently always sleeping. When you defeat the sleepy cat, it will put Pupuru and Kuu-chan to sleep too.


Dokonjou Tofu


This ultimate tofu monster is just oozing with confidence and doesn’t let anything phase him. He moves quickly while jumping in the air to attack Pupuru.


Dragon Poll


For some reason, this dragon is always seen spacing out on its own. At least until you approach it! It has an attribute of being able to pierce through your defense with its attacks, making it one of the tougher foes in Holy Sorcery Story.




An adorable meatbun monster. It can roll around from a distance and land a rather powerful attack than you’d expect. Surprisingly stronger than it looks.




This poor elf seems to never get over a cold, but don’t let your guard down! It can attack from two spaces away and also has a chance to curse its opponents.


Crystal Turtle


The boss of the Kachikochin Cave. It guards one of the ultimate ingredients, the Turtle Crystal Carrot, needed to make the legendary curry. It uses its huge body to do devastating attacks. The Crystal Turtle also finds joy in scaring opponents and it is proud of its long fangs.


Youganomoru Shrimp


This hot shrimp is a lava carrying boss of the Acchiino Volcano. Its Shrimp Miso is one of the ultimate ingredients. This tough shrimp  uses powerful pinchers as a drill while spinning them around to attack Pupuru and friends. Its movements can be quite tricky so you’ll have to approach it cautiously. In the past, Youganomoru Ebi used to be quite mischievous, which explains the scar on its left eye.


Holy Sorcery Story is slated to be released on March 28th, 2013 for PlayStation Vita.

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