Fight Giant Sharks With Your Own Mech Suit In Eclipse Of Illusion



Another week, another Kemco game! RPG Eclipse of Illusion is their latest title, and combines a huge array of job classes with the ability to—if all else fails—hop into a giant mecha to pound the foe into dust.


Players will meet Raya, a guild hunter who gets entangled with Shio while out hunting down her marked robber. Are things really as they seem? Not really, when a gigantic mech bursts out of a cave screaming in berserker rage.


The game is a turn-based RPG, with run-of-the mill monsters ranging from knights to… sharks and chameleons. While characters run a high-fantasy gamut of classes from Priests to Druids, your mechs are obviously out of this world, able to fire missiles out of rocket pods and so forth. You’ll be able to customize the mechs with new parts as well. Why a magic-leaning fantasy world has spare futuristic mech parts lying around, we’re not sure either.


Eclipse of Illusion is out now on Android, and will be out later this year for iOS.