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Fight Grizzly Bears And Buffaloes In Outdoor Dynamic 3D Hunting


    Hold it, we aren’t done with InterOne’s quirky projects yet! Following Top Angler: Real Bass Fishing, next up on the list is Outdoor Dynamic 3D Hunting. As you’ve probably guessed by the title, this is a Nintendo 3DS game.


    In this hair-raising adventure of epic proportions, you’ll get to take on a grizzly bear, among other animals.  Unfortunately, the others mentioned are pretty harmless, and some targets only appear if you’re playing the game on a high difficulty setting.


    Because of this, during the course of the game, you may feel a tinge of guilt and/or confusion as you hunt buffaloes, whitetail deer and Canadian geese. Don’t worry, InterOne provided documentation on how to play the game, pictured to the right.


    Outdoor Dynamic 3D Hunting has multiple control schemes. You can either control it using the touchscreen like most first-person shooters on the Nintendo DS, or you can control it using the 3DS gyro and motion sensor. InterOne even added an option to control the game using buttons entirely.


    Outdoor Dynamic 3D Hunting has a short turnaround period. InterOne say their contract required the game to be developed within six months.

    Ishaan Sahdev
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