Fight Knight Is A First-Person Beat ‘Em Up With Some Dungeon-Crawler Flavor


Fight Knight will have players putting up their dukes against skeletons, wizards, mummies, and whatever else tries to get in their way as they ascend a lethal tower in this first person beat ‘em up/dungeon crawler.


Fight Knight casts players as a knight who refuses to touch weapons, using their fists in grid-based melee combat to smash any foe that gets in their way. Combat occurs in real-time, with players able to position themselves on an invisible grid to best set themselves up to bash enemies with knuckles or to dodge monster attacks. Players can also block with crossed arms, push foes back with certain blows, or counter their attacks with the right timing, allowing for robust fisticuffs.

Players will encounter these enemies in first person battles across eights zones in a mysterious tower, with each stage and enemy encounter hand-crafted to give players challenging fights. Players will need to learn their enemies’ moves and attacks to best position to counter them, or set themselves up with powerful super moves, equippable gauntlets, or other items to give themselves a further edge.


Players will  meet more than just enemies inside of the shifting tower. Helpful characters are hanging around, offering advice, items, and bits of story to interested players, or they can just be another thing to punch in this pixellated punching adventure.

Fight Knight is raising funding on Kickstarter for a release in 2018, with a two stage demo available on for promising potential pugilists.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!