Fight To Make The World Happier Or Gloomier In This Turn-Based RPG



Soma Spirits: Rebalance is a turn-based RPG set on two different worlds, that of Joy and that of Sorrow. Depending on which of these worlds the player chooses to help, they will guide the story and ending they will receive in different directions.



Everything changes when players choose to swap worlds at designated points throughout Soma Spirits: Rebalance. Players will experience whole new visual styles with each swap, from the World of Sorrow’s monochrome landscapes to the World of Joy’s cheerful, bright ones. The music will also vary in tone and style, and even the playable characters’ abilities, as well as the enemies they use them on, will also change depending on which world the player inhabits.


While these worlds are different, the peoples of each plane are connected, and therefore the decisions the player makes on each world will affect them both. Who the player decides to help, and on which world they choose to help them on, will lead the player through various storyline routes, leading to one of five different endings.




Soma Spirits: Rebalance is an updated version of Soma Spirits, the original adventure of optimistic hero Heart and pessimistic, pragmatic Soul. It features an extended story, more content, and varied difficulty levels.


Players who wish to battle the sad, bleak forces of Sorrow or the hyper-pleasant, ultra cheery monsters of Joy can do so by grabbing Soma Spirits: Rebalance on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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