Fight Monster Girls With Monster Girls To Save The World In Moero Chronicle

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Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG, Moero Chronicle, is their latest in the Monster World series, and this time you’ll be playing as a rather unenthusiastic young man, who will be traveling with monster girls to fight… well, other monster girls, to prevent them from destroying the world.


Compile Heart’s latest update shows us the game’s world and some of its characters.


The world of Moero Chronicle is made up of one giant continent, with humans living in the western region called “Loytium” and monster girls in the eastern region called “Monstopia”.


In between the two regions lies a town called Secrend, which is where the protagonist Io and his friend Lilia live. The monster girls also use this town as a passageway to get into Loytium.


The above is a look at Monstopia. The land is divided into six areas, with each one being controlled by a monster girl leader. The areas beyond these are considered to be uncivilized, and ever since the disasters began to occur around the world, many powerful men have ventured into the said uncivilized areas, and one has yet to return.


Next, here’s a look at some of the heroes of Moero Chronicles.



Io is the protagonist of Moero Chronicle, and he’s as ordinary of a person as they come. In order to save the world, he was sent by the village elder (by force) to go on a journey.


He is easily swayed by those around him, and he isn’t really the sharpest tool in the shed. However, he has a delicate and kind heart, but due to his timid nature, he doesn’t show it often.



Lilia is the monster girl heroine of the game, and is also the only person Io can speak openly with. She joins Io on his journey, which will probably come in handy for him, as she’s composed and takes good care of those around her.


However, anything love-related happens to be her biggest weakness, which can cause her to lose it even when it comes to little things.



Leche is a cat monster girl, who began to express hostility towards humans. Thanks to Io and Lilia, she has regained her senses and decided to tag along with her an Io. She’s a quiet and modest girl, and finds peace by getting along with Io and Lilia.



Otton may have a manly voice to go with his cute appearance, but he’s actually a weird, perverted monster. He prides himself on his cute looks and loves being pampered by girls.


He’s traveling around the world to collect monster girl panties, and decides to join Io because he thinks that something good will come of it.


Moero Chronicle will be released on April 24, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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