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Fight Norse Mythology’s Darkest Creatures With Eitr’s Shield Maiden On PS4, PC In 2016



Publisher Devolver Digital announced that it’s bringing Eneme Entertainment’s action-RPG Eitr to PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016 during Sony’s E3 press conference.


It takes place in a world based on Norse mythology in which the mischievous god Loki has dripped a black, poisonous substance called “Eitr” on to the world tree, Yggdrasil. In doing this, Loki disrupts the fate of a Shield Maiden who then ventures out across the nine Norse worlds to reclaim her destiny.


Shown off in the E3 trailer is the Shield Maiden squaring off against a range of enemies: scabbed rats, undead mages, skeletons, large oafish Jotunn, giant Viking warriors. In battle, she can use her shield to block, a sword for close-range attacks, and her bow and arrow for long-range attacks.



However, all her combat moves are stamina-based so you have to take this into account, especially if you wish to use her dash to evade enemy attacks. To help out during battles, you’re able to use potions and buffs, while levelling up and gear selection may also help. But you won’t get a full recovery unless you sit down at a bonfire.


Find out more about Eitr on its website.

Chris Priestman