There’s a new DSiWare game headed to Japan, courtesy of Tom Create, and it’s called Omikoshi Wars, for 200 DSi points. A “mikoshi” is a portable Shinto shrine that people carry on their shoulders during Japanese festivals.


Omikoshi Wars has you carrying one such shrine. As you go through the stages, you’ll encounter enemy shrines that you’ll need to attack by jumping and ramming into them. Along the way, you’ll also need to gather "Katsugi,” carriers who help you carry your shrine.


Omikoshi Wars has a chance of being published outside Japan. Rising Star (and partner company, Gamebridge) currently publish DSiWare games in Europe that cost 200 DSi points under their “GO Series” brand. Another DSiWare game by Tom Create, Defense Wars, has already been published under this label.


Omikoshi Wars will release sometime before the end of the year for 200 DSi points in Japan. You can view more screens over at Impress Watch.




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