Fight To Save Your Ninja Clan In The Machine-Filled Future of Cyber Shadow

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A powerful ninja awakens from years of hibernation to find its clan scattered and captured in a future filled with dangerous robots. By cleaving through those machine armies, players will be able to free their clan, learn their skills, and become the ultimate ninja in Cyber Shadow.




Cyber Shadow will have the player facing an array of mechanical foes in gameplay reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden. Players will be able to cut down foes with their sword, but will also have access to throwing stars, exploding kunai, and fire and lightning abilities, among others.


Players will be able to upgrade their health and skills as they battle across the game’s stages, rescuing members of their clan with each victory. These clan members will unlock new abilities in the main character as well, increasing the player’s power steadily over the course of the game.




Cyber Shadow draws inspiration not only from Ninja Gaiden, but also Mega Man, Castlevania, and Metroid, but the developer has not said how some of these inspirations will be reflected in the game as of yet. The game will also be following NES limitations, “but not religiously.”


Cyber Shadow is currently in development with no listed release date.

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