Fight Torturing Demons In Laplace’s First Closed Beta On March 10th


X-Legend Entertainment has announced that the closed beta for Laplace, its upcoming MMORPG, will launch on March 10th in Taiwan. It’s due to launch in the country later this year.


Laplace follows X-Legend’s previous games including Aura Kingdom and Dragomon Hunter. It takes place in a world in which Saints fight against Demons that have been terrorizing humanity for many years.


Each boss in the game is based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins, which may be intimidating enough, but to reach them you’ll have to traverse the many spiky and fiery traps of the dungeon before them.


The bosses each have a way of torturing your character too, using an “OverKill” system, which is designed to make you feel the pain your character is going through. 

Chris Priestman