Fighters of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkiachi 2


With 120 different fighters Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkiachi 2 is the largest Dragon Ball Z fighting game to date. Take a look at some of the fighters in the Wii and Playstation 2 game. Who do you hope made the cut?




As a Saiyan baby, he was sent from planet Vegeta to destroy the planet Earth. However, an unexpected head injury caused his Saiyan characteristics to disappear.  Instead of an evil beast, he grew up as a kind-hearted Earthling under the care of his loving foster father, Grandpa Gohan.

When his older brother Raditz arrives on Earth and reminds Goku of his original mission, Goku refuses to carry out the task, instead choosing to fight for the good of Earth. 

From then on, Goku’s job as the world’s greatest defender becomes increasingly difficult as he is faced with many dark and formidable enemies, one after another. 

No matter how large the crisis, he never gives up, and his loyalty to the good of all people and to his friends makes him the ultimate hero.

However, since Goku spends his days fighting evil, this makes life tricky for his wife, Chi-Chi, forcing her to be the family breadwinner in an effort to make ends meet.

In Dragonball GT, Goku once again travels deep into space with Trunks and Pan to defend the world on an adventure that puts the entire universe in his hands. 

Goku (Super Saiyan)


*From Gohan’s Super Saiyan Observation Journal:


The first time Dad (Goku) ever became a Super Saiyan, it was when Frieza killed Krillin.

As a Super Saiyan he looked different and his power level raised to almost 50 times normal. 

That first time was scary, since no one knew what was happening to him. It was like he had some sort of strange sickness that came from his Saiyan blood. The more emotional and angry Dad (Goku) got, the more his odd Saiyan powers would takeover his body. 

Oh, and Mom (Chi Chi) doesn’t seem to like Super Saiyans very much.


Goku (Super Saiyan 2)


Goku transforms from Super Saiyan into this form. After training in Other World, he achieved the ability to transform into Super Saiyan 2.

A Super Saiyan’s distinctive change is more pronounced, and his power rises further.

In the duel with Majin-Vegeta, who had powered up thanks to Babidi’s magic, Goku changed into this form and showed an extraordinary power.


Goku (Super Saiyan 3)


This is the form that surpasses Super Saiyan 2. In this form, the hidden power in a Saiyan’s blood is taken to its limits.

At first glance, this is an extreme change when compared to a regular Super Saiyan.  The eyebrows disappear and the hair grows even longer. The power of a Super Saiyan 3 is far greater than any Saiyan level before.

However, the transformation requires a lot of energy.  Only in Other World can a Saiyan keep his power for a long period of time. Anywhere else, the time a Saiyan can stay at the Super Saiyan 3 level is very short.


Kid Gohan


This is Goku’s young son, Gohan. He is a gentle child, with dreams of one day becoming a scholar.

Chichi has forbidden Gohan from receiving martial arts training so that he might concentrate on his schoolwork. Thus, Gohan’s power level is very low.  Even so, he possesses a great fighting potential that, once awakened, rivals the power of the Saiyan Raditz himself.

After the fight with Raditz, Piccolo kidnaps Gohan and trains him to be a warrior, in hopes that he might help in the coming battle against the Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa.

Though Gohan is afraid of Piccolo at first, over time, he comes to respect Piccolo as his friend and mentor. 

In the Frieza Saga, Gohan travels to Planet Namek, hoping to wish back all of his friends who lost their lives in the battle with Vegeta.  When he learns of Frieza’s evil plans, he becomes more determined than ever to find the Dragon Balls.

Gohan is a mild-mannered boy and dislikes fighting, but if it’s to protect his friends or preserve the peace, his powers explode and he becomes a force to be reckoned with.




After returning from Planet Namek, Gohan applied himself diligently to his studies as he and his mother Chichi awaited Goku’s return.

However, after hearing Trunks’ warning of the looming Android threat, he once again devoted himself to training, along with Goku, Piccolo, and the other Z-fighters.

Though his fighting skills have increased immensely since he was a small child, his quiet personality and general dislike of fighting remain unchanged.  It is this inner reservation that prevents him from
realizing the fullest potential of his powers.

He continues to share a strong bond with his mentor Piccolo, and they
rely on each other for help, even in the most difficult of times.


Gohan (Super Saiyan)


Gohan first transformed into a Super Saiyan while training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

It was during this time Goku realized that Gohan’s hidden powers had the potential to exceed his own.

But even when Gohan changes into a Super Saiyan, his dislike of fighting makes him reluctant to use his powers to the fullest.


Gohan (Super Saiyan 2)


Gohan transformed into this state for the first time after seeing the peaceful Android 16 destroyed right before his eyes.

In this form, Gohan’s power level rises beyond normal Super Saiyan levels, and his body is surrounded by a lightning-like aura.

In addition to the changes to his physical appearance, Gohan’s personality changes as well.  In this state, Gohan’s reluctance to fight is forgotten, and he attacks his enemies without mercy. 

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