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Fighting EX Layer revealed new characters Sanane and Hayate today in a new trailer that is surprisingly not completely an April Fool’s Day joke.



A cheerful and athletic girl who stands out with her exceptional Sports Naginata skills; however, she is occasionally overcome with a sense of déjà vu when using it.

After crossing paths with a certain man at the Sports Festival, Sanane felt something and begins to question the truth behind her early life.


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The successor to the Hayate spirit. Although he remembers “That thing”, he has chosen to live a normal life and is currently a university student.

A master of his own style of swordplay using the Sports Chanbara, he is unbeatable in all of the University League.

He is also highly respected as an instructor.

After facing off with Sanane at the Sports Festival, he awoke to his duty and resolved to seal Garuda.


Arika President and CEO Akira Nishitani also announced that Arika is also working on an additional mode for Fighting EX Layer, and that if sales reach their target, they will work on additional characters for the game. The rough sketches for the characters are below:

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Finally, Arika’s April Fool’s Joke is that King of Fighters XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda will be joining Fighting EX Layer as a guest character.


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Yasuyuki Oda uses ‘a very new fighting sport combining Karate and Boomerang’ as his fighting style. (A reference to Sho Hayate from the Savage Reign series)

Here’s the full video below:


Fighting EX Layer releases by the end of June on PlayStation 4.

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