PlayStation 4

Fighting EX Layer Shows Off Hokuto, Standard And Light Versions In Latest Trailers



Arika shared the latest on its upcoming 3D fighter Fighting EX Layer, and today we have several new trailers including an introduction for DLC fighter Hokuto and for the game’s “Light” and “Standard” versions.


First, here’s a look at Hokuto, who is available as a DLC character through the Standard Version of the game.



As previously detailed, the game will be available in the Light Version and Standard Version. The Light Version comes with 12 characters and 5 Gougi decks, priced at $39.99 while the Standard version comes with the 12 characters and 15 Gougi Decks for $59.99.  You can check them out in the trailers below:

Light Version


Standard Version


Fighting EX Layer releases on PlayStation 4 sometime by the end of June 2018.

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