Fighting Game Guts Doesn’t Let Dismemberment Get In The Way Of Victory

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Dismemberment is the only way to win in fighting game Guts, but just because players have lost an arm or a leg doesn’t mean that they’re out of the fight just yet.


In the future, it is discovered that observing hyper violence makes people healthy and peaceful, which leads to the creation of a reality show where various people from around the world try to tear each other’s limbs off. This forms the backdrop of Guts’ silly, ultra-gory fighting.

In Guts, there are no health bars. Instead, players must tear each other’s limbs off, either by knocking them into the traps and machines that are lying around the arena, or by using a special Guts move that each fighter has. This move cannot be blocked, so players will want to learn what their opponent’s Guts move looks like in order to avoid it. Should Guts moves not be enough, more traps appear throughout the match to make things more interesting.


Players who’ve lost limbs aren’t out of the fight just yet, though. Each of the nine characters features an adaptable moveset that is altered depending on the limbs they’ve lost, so players can still attack their opponents even without their arms or legs. Players can also pick up discarded limbs to use as impromptu weapons, should they want to add to the bloody fighting.

Guts will offer a story mode with two different endings for each fighter, as well as on- or offline play, when it releases on October 31, 2017.

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