Fighting Game Inputs Add Depth To Demon Peak’s Aggressive Combat


    Demon Peak pits players against many towering, grimly-detailed beasts and demons that mean to squash them flat, but through a series of more complex inputs, players will have access to some devastating weaponry to fight back with.


    In Demon Peak, there is a legend that for every person, there is a dark demon that means to do them harm. These creatures go out in the night, dragging their prey back to Demon Peak to kill them. A single warrior means to stand up to them, donning demonic armor and setting out through the peak’s labyrinthine chambers to find the source of evil and defeat it.

    Players will have access to a flurry of quick attacks throughout their journey, using them on the game’s array of large, trudging beasts. Many of them are susceptible to a torrent of strikes, and most will drop orbs that restore some health, encouraging an aggressive play style, but many of the player’s foes can crush them in a few strikes. This means players should be on the lookout for stone altars that will offer them new moves, letting them attack at range or in ways that will keep their enemies away from them.


    Demon Peak doesn’t simply give the player a move to freely use, though. Many attacks can only be executed with a quick, fighting game-like series of inputs. Not only that, but these moves drain the protagonist’s special energy, ensuring players are cautious about when they use each special attack.

    Demon Peak promises to take players to a bleak place born of Asian folklore now, as the game is available on Steam.

    Alistair Wong
    Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!

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