Fighting In Battle Princess Of Arcadia Is A Team Affair

Nippon Ichi Software’s newest action-RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadia, is centered around a princess named Plume, but you’ll get to play as a wide variety of charming characters. In many parts, you will fight with a party of three characters. Each of Plume’s allies has a friendship level that builds up the more they fight. You can control only one character at once, but, if your allies’ friendship levels are high, they can jump into the fray and stave off opponents.

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By strategizing, you can come up with with clever combinations. For example, if you have Yuni and Eliage, two mages, as your support characters, they can attack a wide range of enemies at once.

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If your allies’ friendship levels are high, you can even attack all at once to unleash a massive attack that obliterates all enemies on the screen.

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As your characters level up, you will unlock a variety of new skills, such as being able to double-jump, being resistant to status ailments, or raising an army’s strength. You will also learn new skills by leveling up or equipping certain weapons, so you can combine them to execute devastating combos.

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The game is divided into stages, at the end of which you are ranked based on your performance. Like in the Disgaea games, you will also receive bonus items.


Battle Princess of Arcadia is scheduled to be released on September 26 for the PlayStation 3.


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