Fighting Monsters Is A Family Affair In Conception II

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Spike Chunsoft’s baby-making RPG sequel, Conception II, might have a wacky storyline, but as previously mentioned, it has an innovative battle system that revolves around hitting enemies from different angles. The game’s website has recently updated, giving us a closer look at how you’ll be taking out enemies—with the help of your family.



Enemies are visible on the field in Conception II. The visible monsters are shown in three different colors of blue, purple and red, with blue being the weakest and red the toughest. The moment your character touches a monster, it will automatically initiate the battle. If the monster is blue, the monster will be defeated right away without going into battle.


The battle system, called “Turn-based Positioning Battle”, is where you’ll be fighting enemies from a 360 degree angle. Each monster will have a certain side they’re weak to, and you’ll be able to attack from the front, back, left and right. As seen in the image above, there will be arrows during your turn, with a different colored arrow indicating the enemy’s positional weakness. Conception II’s battle is turn-based, but getting things done in a timely manner will have an effect on the turns of your allies and foes.



Attacking an enemy will fill up the Over Chain Gauge. Once it’s filled enough, it will put the monster in a “chained” effect, which will slow it down until its next turn. Additionally, hitting a chained monster will grant you bonus money and experience points. Maxing out the Over Chain Gauge will cause all enemies to be in a chained effect and it’ll also give you a chance for a combo bonus.  


The Ether Gauge is the circular part seen on the bottom-right of the screen. There are four stages (from 0 to 3) and can be increased in different ways— such as defeating enemies, attacking an enemy from where they’re about to attack,  and other specific conditions.  The higher your Ether Gauge level is, the higher your speed becomes. It will also  make it easier to fill you Over Chain Gauge and also add to your combos. However, if there’s anything that lowers it once it reaches level 3, it will instantly drop back to level 0.  



The Seventh Barret is a special cooperative attack that can be done between the main character and heroine. The attack will vary according to the heroine and it will also get an extra boost from a “Star Maiden’s Child”   Additionally, the hero can help out his allies with the Intercept ability that occurs randomly. It is basically a cover ability that allows him to completely absorb a hit from an ally for one turn. Having stronger bonds with the children will increase the probability of the Intercept.


Conception II’s demo will be releasing this June, while the full game is scheduled to come out on August 22 on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. 

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