Figure of Nikke Anniversary Character Poll Will be Life-Sized

nikke half anniversary poll character figure

Goddess of Victory: Nikke will celebrate its half-anniversary on April 27, 2023. In commemoration of that, Level Infinite announced several special events and campaigns. Though details are still vague, there will be exclusive presents for the half-anniversary that players will be able to claim. There will also be a character poll for players’ favorite Nikke character from April 12-18, 2023, with the winner turned into a figure. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

To start with, the character poll will be available worldwide. Level Infinite will develop a life-sized figure of whichever Nikke character wins the poll, and the winner will also get a special costume in-game. It’s unclear if the costume ill be free or if it will require real-life money to purchase. Just putting in your votes will also get you prizes like Tickets and Credits in the Nikke app.

More information on the half-anniversary will appear during the Nikke live-stream that’ll take place on April 21, 2023. Mafia Kajita will be the emcee, with Moe Iori as a guest. Mutsumi Tamura (Mihara), Rie Tanaka (Ingrid), and M.A.O. (Snow White) will also be at the show. You will be able to watch the live stream on YouTube.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available on mobile devices and Windows PC worldwide. The Nikke character poll will run from April 12 to 18, 2023. A life-sized figure and a special in-game costume will be developed for the winner.

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