D3 Publisher aren’t done with Kentaro Sagara yet. The poor protagonist of Escape Trick: The Five Dangerous Secret Rooms managed to escape the hell of a series of locked rooms in the last game, but it turns out things aren’t over. In the sequel, Escape Trick: Behind Closed Doors of Betrayal, Kentaro will have to work alongside allies such as his girlfriend Kurumi Kasuka to escape even more traps.


To entice players who haven’t picked up the title yet, D3Publisher have released an updated demo of the game featuring the first scenario, “Trick House”.



Escape Trick’s main premise lies in having a seemingly-impossible to escape room. Players then have to move around the limited environments, figuring out from clues and left-behind items how to somehow unlock the door to the next area. If the game title somehow hasn’t given it away yet, there’s a suggestion that one of the companions you meet locked alongside you might be someone they’re not…



Players who manage to score 75% of the achievements within the demo will also be privy to a special outtakes scenario unavailable elsewhere as part of the updated demo, featuring fellow prisoner Daisuke rigged up with a bear mask in a slightly more light-hearted tale.


If you enjoyed the demo, the full version is out on the Japanese eShop for 700 yen (About $7).


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