Final Fantasy Agito Sounds Kind Of Like Final Fantasy At Hogwarts


This past weekend, we got a new look at a full-length trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming smartphone game based on the world and characters of Final Fantasy Type-0, titled Final Fantasy Agito. Then, during Square’s Tokyo Game Show demonstration of the game, we got an even closer look at its battle system, and more.



Upon starting Final Fantasy Agito, you’ll be prompted to create your own character, which is shown at the beginning of the demonstration. You’ll have various customization options such as gender, face-type and hairstyle. This is followed by your weapon selection, then name input.


Since Square Enix consider Final Fantasy Type-0 to be more on the serious side, they wanted to go a different direction with Final Fantasy Agito, by giving it a more casual feel and overall lighter tone. For this reason, they’ve implemented more pop-like songs that are heard early in the video; however, there are still some tracks that have a more Final Fantasy Type-0 sound to it, especially during crucial moments.


In Final Fantasy Agito, you’ll get to experience the everyday school life of the Magic Academy Peristylium Suzaku, by visiting various parts of the school, and interacting with other students and teachers. The characters are all ranked by class, which starts out out at Class 12.


As you better your performance grade, your rank will gradually increase. The following Moogle is something like a basic rule of the academy for all new students. If you’re wondering whether you’ll get to ride Chocobos, the answer is yes; however, it will be later on in the game.


Final Fantasy Agito’s time system will be synchronized with your time. When it is daytime in the real world, it will also be day in the game. Three months of in-game time, will also be actual three months.


At 3:45, we get a look a close look at the game’s battle system. Final Fantasy Type-0 had more action elements, but Agito will be more command-based. There’s a charge meter by the attack menu, once it fills up, the character will automatically attack the targeted foe. The bottom icons indicate different actions such as Slash, Fire, Ability, and so on. These can be used to set up ability combos. Once used, you won’t have access to them for a while.


The Kill Sight system in Final Fantasy Type-0, which was used to kill enemies with a single hit, will be returning in a different form in Final Fantasy Agito. When you see the red indicator, you can tap it for an instant kill. You might notice that the action appears to speed up as the demonstration goes on. By double tapping, you’ll be able to adjust the combat speed according to your preference.


You’ll get to spend your weekdays playing solo missions, gathering friends, and leveling up. The weekends will be for fighting giant bosses with your friends, such as the Behemoth seen at the 5:52 mark. Upon defeating the boss, you’ll be graded on your performance. On the following Monday, your new class rank will be announced.


While they only show three players taking on the beast (which is the same number used for regular missions,) Square Enix are currently working on allowing huge groups of players to take on bosses at once.


Final Fantasy Agito is slated for release this winter for Android and iOS devices.

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