Final Fantasy Agito Videos Shows A Bit Of School Life

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Final Fantasy Agito is an upcoming free-to-play game that will be giving players a look at the history of Final Fantasy Type-0 and a chance to meet some of the heroes from the PSP title. Famitsu gives us a look at some of the game’s features in their latest series of videos.


Players start out in by making their own character for Final Fantasy Agito using the character creator. You’ll be able to customize the character with options such as gender, face, hairstyle, hair color, and skin tone.


The voice selection will give your three choices between vigorous, proper, and confident. Male and female characters have the same voice personalities.


Next, is a look at your dorm room, which will pretty much be your home of Final Fantasy Agito. On the right, you have options that lets you check out all kinds of things such as missions, equipment, and more. It’s also synced in real time, so it’ll show the time of day outside of the window, accordingly.


Here’s a look at the fountain area of the academy, where you’ll be able to meet and interact with various characters. There’s a control key to the bottom-left of the screen, but you can also tap any part of the screen to have your character dash to the spot you press.


And this is a look at what it looks like to interact with some of the characters, where we see the player talking to Deuce who introduces herself. By talking to other characters, you’ll be able to increase your bond statistic, and this can be further enhanced through its button-tapping function.


Final Fantasy Agito will launch this month for iOS and Android.

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